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As many of you know, I have worked at Aereo since it began. I am very proud of what we accomplished and I have great respect for everyone with whom I worked. I fear the following will evaporate soon from, so I'm capturing it here.

Aereo's A Letter to Our Consumers:

So what does this mean for me?

I was kept on for the past few months to help pitch Aereo technology to potential suitors in the bankruptcy auction process and provide answers to lawyers, as needed. Also to help close up shop. In true Aereo fashion there were many highs and lows. I felt a duty to see Aereo thru the end - and that end is nigh.

I have learned a ton from this experience. The whole experience - even the end. I plan to continue to grow as an engineer, manager and person in whatever I choose to do next. Stay tuned.

Until then - rest in pieces

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